Although it's a well known fact that game developers need only internet memes and Mountain dew to survive, we unfortunately seem to be the exception to the rule. That's on us, we're working on it.
In the meantime, here are some information, should you decide to throw a bit of your hard-earned money our way :

What will the money be used for:
We will use the money to pay our artists, afford this website and the company bank account. Probably also tiny things like paying rent or food.

Is Up-World funded by anybody  ?
We are about to meet some potential private investors. We will announce whatever ( if any ) amount is entrusted with us.
We also will start a kick-starter campaign in the coming months, with a reward system according to the generosity of your support.

Anything else ?
Yep, thank you. Whether you decide to help fund us or no, thank you. We're excited to be at a point were we feel comfortable showing people what we are working on, and hope for support. We are exited to see it all come together, with a website, a demo and investors... We are happy to make a game.
So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

With Paypal :

With Stripe :