What is Up-World ?

Up-World is Point&Click adventure game set in a distant future where space colonisation became a necessity.
You will play as Arcadia Walker, interstellar smuggler, war veteran and captain of the Bastille. Now under arrest and charged with war crime, you will through playable flashbacks determine her past and the outcome of the trial. 
The story will take you across the galaxy, and lead you into an ongoing conflict between the Interplanetary Federal Government ( IFG ) and the rebellious Indigo Order.

Commercial information:

Up-World will be available on Windows, MacOs and Linux.

Although not determined yet, the price of the game will be below 20 dollars.

A Kickstarter Campaign will be started once the project gains a little more momentum. 

Thanks to your amazing support we have been GREENLIT!

A tech demo is already available if you want to see what all the fuss is about !

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Who are we ?


Recurring Void SAS is a small passionate team located in France.
Point&Click adventures games such as Sam&Max, Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis or Prisoner of ice were a big part of our childhood and shaped our ever growing love for video games. With Up-World, we wish to bring the same kind of wonder through a engaging universe, beautiful art style and compelling music. 
Up-World will be our first shot at a commercial title. 


Meet the Team !


Lia Pianelli does the artsy bits for the game. She is the mastermind behind     Up-World's concept and as such she co-writes the thing. You can see more her portfolio here. It's not exactly up to date, but hey she is busy making a game at the moment. 


 Cesar Pianelli is the coding genius behind Up-World. Or at least he screams a lot at the screen and eventually it ends up working. He also is the game designer and its co-author . Yay him!


Antonin Aubry a family friend joined the team as accountant, legalist & business consultant.
He is absolutely annoyingly handsome and he knows it.
Future master of the universe, probably.


  Matthieu Vermorel is a composer and a sound designer working in the movie and the video game industry.
Here are his Facebook and Soundcloud. Show him some love !